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No charge to upload photos with your ads such as for used pontoon boats for sale in Florida and others

Our classifieds is absolutely free to buy and sell, and there is also no cost at all to upload photos! Whether you are looking to sell items such as used pet toys, outboard motors, golf carts or used pontoon boats in Florida, it's vitally important to have photos along with your ads. Most buyers will want to see what items look like so they can judge whether it's suitable for their purposes before they decide whether to come and have a look themselves or not.

Successfully uploading good photos can be easy and you can follow these steps:

1. Make sure you take your photos under good light condidions, whether it is outside under the sunshine, by indoor lighting or by the flash from your camera or phone. Bad lighting makes for poor photos and not only does it make it harder to see details, it also looks like you didn't take time to take a proper photo which the buyer might think is a reflection of how much care you took of your item.

2. Use multiple angles of the item when taking your photos. You might think your pontoon boat (or other item) is easiest and best to take photos from the front, but also take side and back angle shots so buyers can see all parts of it. The more you can show buyers exactly what the item is like, the more it will save you time and hassle because you don't want to have to meet and show people the item in person if it is something they won't want in the first place.

3. There is a limit of 1 MB for the file size. Phone cameras and other types of digital cameras these days often default to taking very large file size photos. You won't be able to upload photos over 1 MB without first resizing the image. An easy way to resize your images for proper upload is through sites like which supports most of the popular file format types and resizing can be done quite easily. Or you can opt for using publicly licensed software which can be found and downloaded at The image editing software does much more than resizing images so it is multi-purpose.